About Us

Hold on to your hats Wellington! Chicago based improv is here! This comedic sketch style of theatre has been made famous by Second City and actors such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mike Meyers, John Candy, Chris Farley and more! Now you can get in on the action, here in Wellington.

Improv Performances

Fully versed in Chicago Style improv, we perform our comedy shows regularly in Wellington. We’ll have you slapping your knees with laughter with your friends over a pint of Wellington’s finest craft beer. You can check out our latest show here and – add us on social media.

Improvisation Classes

Beginning your Chicago Style Improv journey today. No matter your experience, you can master Chicago Style improv as we give you the tools to be confident in the moment, find your funny bone and play with other amazing performers. Our experienced teachers will provide you with the full proof method to Chicago Style improv comedy and theatre. Learn more!

Our People


Clare Kerrison

Clare Kerrison is Basejump's main improv teacher / coach and is responsible for curriculum development. While living overseas she performed with London Harold teams 'The Family Business' and 'The Dreaming' and was instrumental in setting up the improv community in Cambridge, UK. Back in NZ she does a portfolio of jobs from theatre production to corporate gigs. She loves black coffee and makes great salad.  You can find her at www.suriahslip.com or follow her on twitter (@suriahslip)

BaseJump ImprovJamesSmith

James Smith

James is an elderly Italian grandmother in disguise  AND co-founder of BaseJump Improv. You will find him awake at the crack of dawn baking delicious sourdough bread and pastries or at home toiling over a “mean” Spaghetti Bolognese. While living in Melbourne, he discovered the world of Chicago-style improv with the Improv Conspiracy Theatre and throughout training performed in Cage matches and Harolds with his team Black Xanadu. Now living back in NZ his goal is to live the simple agrarian life AND create great improv. You can contact him on James@basejumpimprov.co.nz or converse with him over a heavy meal. Dinners at 8 pm.