October 1st 2018

Every now & then ideas pop into your head that may seem a bit crazy and out of nowhere. Improv was one of those ideas for me..

I didn’t know much about it except what I knew from the  show “Whose Line is it anyway.”   I stumbled across BaseJump One: The Foundation, BaseJump Improv’s beginners class and initially, my first thought was that only comedians and people good at quick thinking could do improv, so I decided to catch the show  DO THAT THING, at the Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre a few days before level one was set to begin in order to check it out.   I had so much FUN watching the performance, that I thought, “Ok why not, sign me up! This does look fun!”

Before the first class, I was a tad nervous and had no idea what to expect. But as each week went by I became more and more excited to go to class to see what games we would play, and then that would then spin into the perfect lesson for the week.

One of my favourite things about improv is that it has given me the opportunity to break away from my “normal” and go back to being silly. Now I think of it, I am not sure why adults think learning through play is only for kids, I think it’s the best way for everyone to learn!

Overall, taking the class was a really good opportunity to meet new people, have fun and think outside the box, and since starting improv I feel I am more open to trying new things, which feels great!

Today I look at improv as an art AND a craft that is alot of fun and with a little practice, you can steadily improve. It was great to learn improv as a team, grow together and support each other along the way and I look forward to diving deeper with plenty of classes to come!

Bre was a graduate of BaseJump One: The foundation, our level one improv class in term three 2018.