Wellington Improv Classes

At BaseJump Improv we believe learning improv should be fun! Our public Wellington improv classes; level 1 -4, offer a clear structure and progressive performance pathway in a fun fueled supportive environment which leads from beginners all the way to the stage.


Discover the amazing world of Improv in this free introductory class! Through a mixture of games and drills in a supportive group environment, you will experience the key building blocks of Improv and have an incredible time doing it! No experience necessary, No skill level required only a desire to have fun.

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Level One: Discover Improv!

Join us for this exciting Improv class in Wellington! This is the first step of your journey into Chicago-style improvised theatre and comedy. Through a mixture of games, drills, and scene work; you will discover the key building blocks of improv in a fun fuelled and supportive class environment.

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Level Two: Game of the scene

Welcome to Level Two! Led by improv tutor Joel Luscombe. In this follow-on class you will discover the unique, absurd and downright hilarious world of GAME OF THE SCENE. You’ll build on the foundation skills learned in Level One to delve deeper into the rhythms of comedy, discover the inherent funny patterns that pop up during a scene, and learn to milk them for maximum FUN! 

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Level Three: Position Play

Welcome to position play, taught by improv tutor James Smith.  Discover a unique way of looking at scene work through the lens of the 4 scene positions.  During this class, you will dive into the nitty gritty of the (realistic, straight absurd, alternate reality, character-driven and mapping) scene positions, draw on all you have learned in previous levels and learn to perform the format - "The Deconstruction".

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Level Four: The Harold

Welcome to the Harold, taught by improv tutor James Smith. Congratulations, you have made it! During this class, you will discover the famous show format (created by Del Close and his Chicago team) reworked with a modern twist.  You will build on everything you have learned so far AND now take the game and scene positions to the next level by revisiting the hilarious characters you discover and blowing out an entire world around them! It's going to be an epic journey!

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